Cemeteries of Scotts Hill

(Henderson and Decatur Counties, Tennessee)

Annual Decoration Days of Area Cemeteries

Cedar Grove - 3rd Sunday May
Cedar Grove Pentecostal - 1st Sunday June
Doe Creek - 4th Saturday May
Ebenezer - 1st Sunday June
Fellowship - 3rd Sunday May
Scotts Hill Methodist - 1st Sunday May
Bethel - 1st Sunday May
Liberty - 4th Sunday May
Mt Zion - 1st Sunday May
Peace Chapel - 4th Sunday May
Red Walnut - 2nd Sunday May
Scotts Hill Pentecostal - 2nd Sunday May

Henderson County

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Pentecostal Cemetery

Chumney Cemetery

Doe Creek Cemetery

Ebenezer Cemetery

Fellowship Cemetery

Grandsire Holmes Cemetery

Granny Austin Cemetery

Pafford-Scotts Hill Cemetery

Prospect Cemetery

Scotts Hill Methodist Church Cemetery

Decatur County

Bethel Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Peace Chapel Cemetery

Pratt Cemetery

Red Walnut Cemetery

Scotts Hill Pentecostal Cemetery