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The city has 2 city parks, an 18 acre city park just south of Hwy 100 and a small Gazebo Park in the central business district.

The Gazebo Park has community flower plots.  This is the site for the Christmas and Springfest events.

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In the big park there are 2 little league baseball fields, a picnic pavilion, a stage show pavilion that can double as a picnic pavilion, an arena, playground, 2 basketball courts, multi-purpose courts for tennis/volleyball, a farmers market and a 1/4 mile walking trail.

Scotts Hill City Park serves the community not only as the site for the annual Appreciation Days, but also as a place for receptions, family reunions, weddings, singings, church gatherings, school functions, family and birthday parties and the tractor pulls.

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The arena now has an expanded grandstand.  A master plan has been made for improvements for the entire park and facilities.  The town is proud of the public parks system.  To reserve your family reunion or special event call City Hall and fill out a park use permit. 

The park is also home to the tri-county Little League.  The town has an active Recreation and Parks Board that looks after the concerns of the parks so that they can present them to the city board.

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Parks within 50 miles include Chickasaw, Ross Creek, Pickwick, Mousetail, Pinson Mounds, Natchez Trace, Nathan Bedford, and Shiloh National.  Also there is a Coon Creek Science Center in northeast McNairy County.

On the lot where the mini-park is was a two-story red brick building built in Early 1918. A fire had burned all 12 business buildings in the Fall of 1917. The building was originally occupied by Gabe Scott grocery as well as Farmers State Bank. Upstairs was the Odd Fellows Lodge. In 1949, Farmers State Bank moved to a new location two doors down to its original location. Cleo J Kelley then moved his grocery to the brick building. In the 1980s a garment factory operated there until a May 1992 fire destroyed the building. The concrete that was around the original bank vault can still be seen on the one remaining wall.

It took until Fall 1998 to clean up the lot and complete the 1st phase of improvements to the Central Business District. This phase included planting of a tree, placement of benches, walkway and sod. The Lions Club was a major in construction of this park, with assistance from the Town of Scotts Hill. Harley Walker, project chairman assisted by his wife Catherine took the lead in the designing, building and upkeep of the park. Brick planters in the front of the park was made from brick salvaged from the rubble from the 1918 building.

The 2nd phase was completed in Summer 2000, included a gazebo, which was built by correctional occupants from South Central Facility out of Clifton. Governor Don Sunquist made the announcement of the Pedestrian Transportation Grant that helped fund the brick sidewalks and lighting in the Fall of 2002. The new brick sidewalks were installed in 2005 and completing the 3rd phase of improvements to the Central Business District.

The park has been the site of weddings, Christmas events, festivals, music programs and local military service people coming back from the Gulf War was honored @ the Park. The gazebo in the park that has been featured in a statewide published tourism magazine has become the centerpiece of the entire project and a focal point of the community.



No Bicycles, skates, roller lading or any motorized vehicles allowed on walking track.

This walking track was inpart funded from a grant administrated by the Tennessee Department of Conservation, who requires the city to assure that the track is used for what it was intended.


Activities such as bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. are not allowed on the walking track.  These activities are done safely inside the tennis courts.  As this area is the multi-use area for such activities.

Safety equipment should be worn by individuals doing these activities.  Items worn should include, but not limited to helmets, pads, etc., approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Speed Limits inside the city park is 15 MPH.  This will be strictly enforced as well as any other traffic law that includes vehicles or bicycles.


Lights at the basketball courts, tennis courts, pavilions and baseball fields are designed so that they can be turned on and off by those using them in late hours, and are welcomed to do so.  The responsibility lies with the ones using the lights to turn them off, when they leave.  Continuation of groups leaving lights on after their departure from the park could lead to the lights being locked down from everyone.


Permits for day use events and family outings are available at city hall during regular business hours, the permits are designed to prevent outings at the same time and eliminate confusion.  Permits are free and must be done in person and signed.


Any construction, whether temporary or permanent should not be built without prior approval by the mayor.  Construction not approved will not be allowed.

Any city park equipment should not be moved without permission from those agencies in charge of equipment.  Equipment should only be used for the purpose intended.


All children at the city park is to have a parent or guardian over the age of 18 with them.  Parents should not leave their children at the park unattended, the DHS could become involved in that situation.


Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the city park.  The penalty for such in the park can be severe.


Vandalism, destruction & theft of city property will not be tolerated.  Depending on the severity, rewards will be offered to people reporting people doing such, if the actions are found to be true.


The municipal employees are empowered to enforce the rules and regulations of the city park in the absence of a law enforcement officer.  Assistance from the employee to a law enforcement officer is allowed under the current city charter.


Non-compliance with the above official rules & regulations can restrict the use of facilities by that person.  That person may have to pay fines and restitution can could include community service work within the city.



All facilities, services and programs are provided to all persons without regard to sex, race, color, age, religion, national origin or handicap.

Proper registration and compliance with official rules and regulations are the only sources of restrictions for facility use or program participation.  The Town of Scotts Hill is an equal opportunity employer.